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 “Empower your meetings and workshops”

Meet2Create - Facilitation Experts

Kris Barnes (Director and Consultant)

Kris Barnes has worked as a management consultant in the mining, oil and gas, government, construction and insurance industries for over 20 years. His skill set is diverse and has involved project management of large-scale projects internationally, facilitation of business thinking and strategic development, media and issues management, communication systems and social and environmental impacts assessment processes.

Craig Salt (Business diagnosis, Facilitator)

Craig Salt works as a management consultant across a range of industries. He has well developed facilitation, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and project management skills courtesy of 30-plus years experience working in the business, government, education and not-for-profit sectors.

Craig has a Bachelor of Science degree with first-class Honours majoring in botany and soil science.


Michelle McManus (Project Manager)

Michelle McManus is a consultant specialising in integrating social and community outcomes into projects across the resources, mining, community and public sectors.   Michelle is skilled at navigating complex project environments, with key capabilities in designing and delivering stakeholder engagement processes, facilitation, critical analysis and managing a team to deliver outcomes. She is also a skilled written and verbal communicator.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development, with First Class Honours. She has also previously worked as a tutor and guest lecturer in sustainable development at Murdoch University.

Belinda Barnes (Project Manager, Accounts)

Belinda Barnes is a health professional with a background in nursing and teaching. Belinda's technical health skills are used on a number of projects. Furthermore, Belinda is used to assist in managing complex people projects.

Our Team

 A thought

Why are we interested in the skills of 'conversational leadership?'  Older leadership paradigms suggest that we can influence our customers, and our people, by documentation, and by decree.  This narrow view perhaps suit topics that are clear-cut - but not more ambiguous or contentious topics.  In a turbulent business environment, we need to lead by conversation or dialogue - i.e. rely more on informal communication, that is "open" and gives more scope for groups to discuss and generate ideas.

Exploration Session BHP Billiton 2014

 Community meeting Madora Bay North Property Development 2014

Strategic Workshops

Rio Tinto 2012



A country boy in messy worlds

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 “Empower your meetings and workshops”

Meet2Create - Facilitation Experts